Omega 2000 ensures proper water flow to keep your home and commercial properties dry.


Expert Weeping Tile Install

What makes our weeping tile services one of the best in Calgary Ab?

High-Grade Weeping Tile 

At Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc, the foundation of our business is based on achieving exceptional quality. That is why our technicians only install weeping tile systems manufactured from high density polyethylene resin. 

 Expert Technicians

Omega 2000 guarantees customer satisfaction, thanks to our experts. Our team of technicians has years of experience working with weeping tile systems in Calgary. We use specialized knowledge to provide protection and quality workmanship like no other. 

Interior and Exterior Servicing

Omega is made of experts who provide a full range of weeping tile services for interior and exterior structures. Whether it is to repair the basement of your current building or for a new one, we can get it done.

How can we help you?

Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc. is a weeping tile Calgary-based company. We offer premium weeping tile services for residential and commercial property drainage. 

Our weeping tile system installation involves a simple process:


The Calgary team first inspects the foundation of your interior and exterior concrete walls and basement floors. This will let us know how to best install a weeping tile system that will carefully redirect the water away to a sump pit. 


With the inspection done, we will install the weeping tile system. The sump pit will be placed well away from your property to avoid any possible water intrusion. After final checks, we will clean up and you are ready to enter your new place!

Why Partner With Omega?

The foundation of your house or commercial property is dependent on weeping tile to barricade any water from seeping in. 

With Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc.,  you access high-quality waterproofing that will last you for years. So contact us today to get a head start protecting your property.

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We are concrete experts. Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc. is a turnkey construction contractor that specializes in single & multi-family structural foundations and footings.  No matter how big or small of build, Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc. has all your concrete work needs covered.

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"Outstanding quality, service, and relationships on every single job". At Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc. our aim is straightforward: to be the best in what we do, getting your job completed on time, within budget,  maintaining the highest quality.


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We're honest people forming real, lasting relationships. We want working with us to be a positive experience. Omega has been delivering  quality new commercial construction work for over 30+ years in the Calgary area. Our priority is going the extra mile our family of clients, vendors and employees,.

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