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We are concrete experts. Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc. is a turnkey construction contractor that specializes in single & multi-family structural foundations and footings.  No matter how big or small of build, Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc. has all your concrete work needs covered. “Outstanding quality, service, and relationships on every single job”. At Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc. our aim is straightforward: to be the best in what we do, getting your job completed on time, within budget,  maintaining the highest quality. We’re honest people forming real, lasting relationships. We want working with us to be a positive experience. Omega has been delivering  quality new commercial construction work for over 30+ years in the Calgary area. Our priority is going the extra mile our family of clients, vendors and employees,.

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We’ve completed over 10,000+ concrete projects  around Calgary and area, we have 30+ years of providing extensive construction knowledge within our group. Let us show you why we are considered a top company in Calgary.

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A Calgary Alberta concrete company with 30+ years of history. We have experience in every element of concrete construction from concrete foundation to flatwork, we do it all. 

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Benefits of a concrete Foundation

While our experts will guide you on choosing the best concrete foundation for your dream place, here are some benefits of concrete foundations.

  • Absolute Protection with a concrete foundation

Increased strength, density, and joint-free construction of concrete walls in a building dramatically reduce basement water problems and prevent possible leakage. Also, the concrete foundation is fire resistant, allowing the building owner to have more time to escape in case of an emergency. 

  • Solid

Concrete foundations have an exceptional amount of strength, making it the preferred choice for homeowners. They have a compressive and flexural strong point beyond that of block concrete, exceeding the mandatory safety factor. 

Concrete retaining walls are exceptionally stable, providing the home with increased sustenance and firmness. Unlike other types of foundations, they do not shift with the movement of the soil beneath the house. 

  • Low maintenance with a concrete foundation

Very little maintenance needs to be performed on poured concrete foundation due to its resistance to rot and decay. They have a longer life-span compared to block. Homeowners do not have to concern themselves with maintenance issues that other types of foundations eventually require.  c

At Omega 2000 we follow a simple and hassle-free process for concrete foundations Calgary. With years of experience you can be confident in choosing us for your next project or concrete foundation repair.

  • Each project is designed in a customized manner to meet the exact specifications.
  • After getting in touch with our clients and understanding their requirements and having a look at their place, we provide them with various options including foundation repair.
  • Following the above step and getting your approval, we create a well-planned structure for the concrete foundation.
  • The concrete foundation process begins which includes groundbreaking, excavation, floor inspection, stem wall forms, and so on. 

Every project is special – whether it’s your home or office. When it comes to building a new space, it’s important to choose the right type of foundation. At Omega 2000, we offer builders the best concrete forming services in the city of Calgary and surrounding areas.

Whether you have a small project or a large one, we can help you in providing custom concrete foundations. Ensure your concrete foundation  is solid and dependable for the decades to come.