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Concrete Sealing Calgary

Your go-to provider for high-quality concrete sealing services in the Calgary area. We specialize in sealing concrete, including exposed aggregate and stamped concrete driveways. Our concrete sealers are designed to seal, protect and maintain your surfaces for years to come.

Driveway Protection and Enhancement for Lasting Beauty

Tired of stains, oil, and chemicals wreaking havoc on your driveway? Our concrete sealing solutions ensure longevity and resistance to abrasion, providing the ultimate protection for your concrete surfaces. With our wide range of concrete sealers, including fast-drying clear sealer, high gloss acrylic, and more, we can accommodate any project and deliver the desired finish.

Why Concrete Sealing is Essential for Your Driveway's Longevity

An average two-car driveway in Calgary is subject to harsh temperature fluctuations, heavy vehicles, and frequent exposure to solvents and chemicals. Our driveway sealing services provide the protection your driveway needs to withstand the elements, while also enhancing its appearance.

Choosing the Right Sealer for Your Surface Needs

Our team of experts can apply sealer to a variety of substrates, such as stone and other types of concrete. We take pride in offering top-notch service, ensuring your sealing job is completed to the highest standards. Whether it’s a repair job, coating, or a new project, you can trust us to provide the best concrete sealer for your specific needs.

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Affordable and High-Quality Service You Can Trust

In addition to quality, we also prioritize affordability. Our cost-effective solutions for driveways, concrete surfaces, and more provide the best value for your investment. Contact us today to discuss your project, location, and to receive a free estimate for our services.

Curious about the price of our services?

Our sales and service team is pleased to offer you with a free quote depending on your specific requirements.

Protecting your exposed aggregate and stamped concrete driveways is our top priority. We ensure that our sealers are designed to resist stains, extend the life of your surfaces, and maintain the beauty of your investment.

Located in Alberta, our team is ready to serve you throughout the Calgary area. Don’t let the quality of your concrete escape you – trust Omega 2000 for all your sealing needs.


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