We provide concrete repair and restoration to Calgary and area. Common repair projects we get asked about are patios, sidewalks and driveways.

Concrete Resurfacing Calgary

Instead of ripping out and replacing your damaged concrete, we can resurface it for a fraction of the cost. Resurfacing concrete is the process of applying a new concrete coating to the surface, which can be coloured or stamped traditionally. The result is that your concrete will look new without having to be redone.

concrete restoration Calgary

Do you need to restore your concrete? Regardless if your driveway sunk, you need to repair old concrete steps or wall cracks, our service team has got you covered. We have developed effective systems of concrete repair that will always leave you satisfied with the final product.

Garage Floor Repair Calgary

Damaged garage floors? We can help you fix old cracks, remove stains and reapply protective coating, which will have your garage floor looking new.

Driveway Repair Calgary

Concrete driveways can easily be damaged by the freeze thaw cycle in Calgary. We provide driveway repairs and resurfacing to combat regular wear and tear. If you’re worried about large cracks, our team can advise whether concrete repair, resurfacing or concrete replacement is appropriate.

concrete floor repair calgary

Most concrete floors will experience minor cracks during their lifetime. Problems start to arise when they grow to become large cracks or start leaking water into your house. If you’re searching for concrete contractors to repair concrete floors for you, consider a free consultation with the Omega 2000 service team or contact us below today.

Concrete overlays

We have vast experience choosing the right concrete overlay for the project. Many people don’t know there are several repair options between microtoppings, spray downs, stamped concrete overlays and more. If all of this is overwhelming, don’t worry, our team of concrete experts offer exceptional service and free competitive quotes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Repair in Calgary (F.A.Q)

Do I need to fix concrete cracks?

If your concern goes beyond curb appeal, you may be happy to know that for the most part, concrete cracking is totally normal and nothing to worry about. You should keep track of how the cracks develop and if it starts to worsen, a proactive fix could end up saving you the cost of replacement down the line. If you’re unsure if you need concrete repair, contact our service team today.

How long does concrete repair last?

The length of time a concrete repair will last depends on which repair is applied. Generally, concrete repairs on basement entrances, garage pads and garage floors will have lifetimes as long as a decade when done professionally. Something to keep in mind is whether or not anything from the surrounding area is damaging your concrete. There is no use in repairing something for it to break again.

How much does concrete resurfacing cost?

When considering the cost of resurfacing concrete, it’s important to consider the alternative of total replacement. Resurfacing works as a surface level concrete¬† repair, and the price is reflective of that. Whether or not the concrete surface is horizontal or vertical will effect pricing. For example, retaining walls and basements walls have a different scope of work than patios or concrete slabs.

Is it possible to resurface a concrete driveway?

Resurfacing a concrete driveway is possible. Before you consider resurfacing however, we recommend concrete experts assess the extent of damage on your project. Often times, large cracks can be hidden beneath the surface of your driveway, which if left untreated, will cause serious failure in the future.

How much does it cost to fix cracks in concrete?

You may not have to fix your concrete cracks! Most cracking is nothing to worry about, if it is becoming an eyesore or does need to be addressed structurally we can provide quick and accurate pricing.