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Enhance Your Concrete With Custom Decorative Stamped Concrete!

The surrounding landscape of your commercial property or residential home should always look welcoming and aesthetically unique. For a high-end look, you need high-end material like concrete.

Stamped concrete can replicate the modern beauty of virtually any material. To mimic the design, color, and pattern of another material like brick or stone is easier said than done. You must call the concrete experts to pull this off.

With Omega 2000, trained and qualified concrete professionals will guide you through the process of designing stamped decorative concrete.

Why Choose Us?

The importance of high-quality exterior flooring cannot be overstated. With one look, flooring can influence the experience of your entire space, commercial or residential home. So why not make this experience more welcoming and luxe? 

It takes a certain level of expertise to build stamped concrete designs that suit your outdoors. 

Omega 2000  focuses on the design features. Our concrete contractors adopt custom concrete stamping technique to add a touch of your personality to your space. The stamped concrete echoes the feel of the real material without all the maintenance. 

The pocket-friendly rates allow everyone to take a step towards glamorizing their exterior space the way they want to. 

With Omega 2000, you access high-quality concrete designs and professionalism. So contact our Calgary concrete company today for an estimate. 

How can we help you?

Omega 2000 is a Calgary concrete company. We offer a wide range of services for your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, and garage pad. Our trained professionals help you achieve a high-end stone or brick look with beautiful stamped concrete work. 

We like to keep things simple, from the time you contact us for estimation to the completion of the project:

  • Design Conceptualization

The customer’s needs always come first for us. Before getting into the actual project, our team likes to familiarize themselves with the customers. The Omega 2000 crew likes to know the design ideas and budget that the customer has thought of.

With that information, the next step is to show you our portfolio and showroom in Calgary. We will help you decide on the stamped concrete pattern that fits your vision for the commercial property or home. The designs shown will be within the estimate you give us. 

  • Final Approval For Project

Our concrete contractor will not start with any construction work until you feel satisfied with your design choices. Omega 2000 has a team of consultants that can give their expert advice on the color pigments, finishes, and coatings. The team will make sure that each of these pairs well with the aesthetics of your space.

  • ConcreteWork Begins

Once the final approval is given, it is time to start stamping! Whether it is for your sidewalk, driveways, or patios, we will make sure to be careful. Customers will be happy to know that the installation takes place in a way that has minimal impact on the surrounding areas. 

  • Final Checks 

The last step is not the new decorative concrete installation, but rather the inspection. Omega 2000’s team will do a final inspection post-installation to make sure the quick work has not compromised the quality. 

Why Choose Us?

Stairs are more than just a structure allowing people to get from one place to another. How you have it constructed will affect how employees of this commercial space communicate with each other.

With guidance from an expert, you will be one step closer to finding the right staircase design for your building.

Iron Wood adds to every design a personal touch. This way, our contractors construct stairs that set the stage for a happier commercial space. What’s more, our long-lasting and low maintenance work will keep things pocket-friendly!

With Ironwood , you can build custom stairs that are more than just an amenity. So contact our company in Calgary today for a quote.

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