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Are you looking for a way to enhance your parking space with concrete garage pads?
If so, then our Calgary concrete services will help you achieve your desired parking pad. Our concrete company work on both residential and commercial garage pads. We use high-quality concrete and innovative techniques to make our parking pads durable.

Concrete Garage Pads in The Calgary Area

Omega 2000’s employees are professionals who can construct commercial and residential garage pads using sophisticated machinery.

What makes our concrete pads different is the use of innovative craftsmanship and unique poured techniques. Moreover, you can get a free estimate of the cost if you call one our mainline.

We have a customer-first attitude that helps us deliver the best concrete pads in Calgary.

Rest assured, as you will be getting what you paid for in the form of a concrete parking pad foundation.

The Cost of Calgary Concrete for Your Garage

Depending on the type (detached or attached), a one-car garage will cost anything from $10,000 to $40,000. By attached, we mean that you can access this garage from your house directly.

Moreover, it costs less because of the HVAC systems and existing walls.

A finished detached garage pad installation averages around $70 per square foot in Calgary. It means that these are standalone garages that you can access from your driveway.

You can take a look at the Calgary concrete prices that we offer:


On average, you can expect a price range of $10-16 sqft for a 4-inch concrete pad.

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Summing Up

As you can see, here at Omega 2000, we use all the important techniques to deliver a garage that appeals to your driveway and house.

We use all the gravel guidelines set forward by the Alberta Building Code. Moreover, we can even assist you in the removal of the old garage slabs. We will help you get the project outcome that you have been looking for.

Furthermore, we use high-performing equipment to pour the cement pads and follow industry rates. So, if you are looking for garage pads installation, reach out to the contractors and engineers at Omega 2000

The Construction Process of a Garage Pad

Take a look at the engineered processes that we use to build a concrete garage:

Step 1: Basic Excavation

The first step in our concrete parking construction is analyzing the space. We will send the best Calgary concrete services to your home for a proper excavation of the garage.

Furthermore, it helps us determine a level and solid base for the garage pad.

Our contractors know that loose slabs in your garage pads will become uneven and eventually form cracks. So, we ensure proper analysis to refrain that from happening.

Step 2: Determining Garage Pad Layout

After excavating, we will select the perfect position for a concrete garage. Moreover, we will consider the city’s guidelines and keep it at a safe distance from your concrete sidewalk.

We will ensure that your property appeal does not get harmed in the process. After determining the garage pad location, we will measure the area required.

We have the equipment needed to remove old or damaged garage floors at a reasonable price. However, the price may differ depending on your project and location in Calgary.

So, your garage is in safe hands without requiring demolition!

Step 3: Building a Framework and Site Preparation for the Project

After getting a rough idea about the garage pad space, our contractors will start the most important process – site preparation and building a framework.

First, we will remove topsoil or debris exposed from where we will install your garage pad. Then, using high-end techniques, we will make the floor levelled out.

Moreover, it will help in ensuring that the concrete slab remains even and crack-free.

Before starting the process, we will contact local authorities to understand the gravel thickness requirement in your area. Hence, allowing us to follow the local code without harming residential or commercial neighbourhoods.

Our contractor will ensure that your sidewalks and patios do not get damaged during the construction process.

We will lay out the boards and nail them together on every side of the Calgary concrete garage.

Moreover, using industry-grade techniques, we will ensure that these concrete forms are square. These foundations will help keep the concrete in place when being poured on the garage pad.

So how do we measure this squareness? We take into account the diagonal distance and use levelling tools for the framework. It helps us get an idea about the concrete thickness.

Step 4: Reinforcement for the Garage Pad

Our Calgary contractors use a damp-proof membrane before the construction process. We place it under the garage pad adhering to the structural integrity and city requirements.

We engineer it to remain at a distance that offers strength to the concrete garage pads. Moreover, it makes our high-end Calgary concrete resistant to cracks.

We place this reinforcement at the concrete slab’s mid-height.

We use the 6-inch overlapping technique to tie them together for proper stability in all garages.

Step 5: The Construction Job

Once everything is set, our contractors will start working on the garages. Any project will require Calgary concrete housing with a compressive strength of 32 MPa.

During the construction, our contractors will pour the concrete into the pad. Consequently, using a bull float to flatten the top surface will make it smooth and attractive.

We cut the grooves at every 12 feet to ensure no shrinkage cracking in the Calgary concrete. Furthermore, we use a push broom when it starts to harden, to create a non-slip surface.

We will ensure that the construction process is proper and the Calgary concrete has resistance to cracking even with the shift in weather.

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