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Beautify your exterior with a keystone patio from Omega 2000. Our team of experts is here to support your investment.

Give Your Patios A New Makeover With High Quality Concrete

Whether it is for your home or commercial building, a concrete patio is a wonderful edition that brightens up your exteriors. Patios look aesthetically pleasing and are easy to maintain but only if you use the right material! 

To make your patios last a long time, you need to look for high-grade concrete. To manage a concrete project is no easy task and that’s where professionals come in.  

At Omega 2000, you will find a team of Calgary-based concrete contractors, geared with expert knowledge on concrete work.

Why Choose Us?

Patios hold a lot of influence in the design of a property. The patio structure in your home back yard or commercial property is where your family and friends bond over memories. 

Professionals can help you build the right patio. Omega 2000 takes things to the next level by completely personalizing the home or office outdoor living experience. 

Our concrete solutions are there to help you make the most out of a luxury outdoor living space. With our pocket-friendly pricing and low maintenance quality work, luxury can be afforded to all. 

With Omega 2000 , you can begin building specially designed concrete patios. Need design ideas? Checkout our patio design guide.


How can we help you?

Omega 2000 is a Calgary concrete company. We provide our customers with a range of concrete services including patios, decks, sidewalks, garage floors, and driveway. With every job that we do, our crew offers knowledge and professionalism that can take on any kind of project.  

From the first contact to the finishing of the actual project, we follow a simple plan of action:

Initial Conceptualization

We value the client’s opinion. Every step of the way, we involve the client in the ideation process for their concrete project. 

Once we have an idea as to what your concrete needs are, we will take you to our Calgary showroom. The Omega 2000’s portfolio in Calgary is filled with concrete samples, designs, and coatings. Our wide range makes sure you can have the job done without breaking your wallet. 

Picking The Right Design

When it comes to concrete design and colors, there is a lot on the menu for you to choose from. To help you make your pick our contractors will guide you through all your options and offer their professional advice as well. 

Every team member at Omega 2000 is trained to know the latest designs and trends when it comes to concrete designing. You can consult with our team of color and design consultants. These consultants will let you know what design, color, and finish will suit your commercial or residential space.Our most popular finishes include Stamped concrete finish and Exposed Aggregate finish.

No specifications will be added to the patio until the team gets the customer’s final approval. That is why we work around the clock to make sure the final results suit your specific style. 

Final Concrete Construction

With the samples chosen, our team will do some final visits to the site to get a feel of the property. Once that is out of the way, the concrete contractors will begin the actual building project. The building time will depend on the kind of exposed or stamped finish you choose.

Guaranteed Satisfaction After Completion

No concrete job is done without a proper inspection. In this process, every nook and corner is checked to ensure that the construction was done perfectly. You can sit back and relax as the professionals clean up their messes, leaving you to enjoy the experience your new patio offers.


What makes our concrete patio decks, driveways, and sidewalk service one of the best in Calgary Alberta?

  • Design Any Type Of Concrete Patio

Make your decorative concrete patios the talk of the next BBQ party! Our professional concrete experts work on providing you the patio you always dreamed of. At Omega 2000, the staff is trained to work with concrete using craftmanship and innovative solutions that remain unmatched.  Wherever you want it big or small, we have the tools to beautifully fit in your patio. 

We know how overwhelming the work can be. So, you just tell us what you are looking for and leave the rest to us. You are trusting some of the most capable hands in the business of concrete services. 

  • Renovate Garage Pads & Driveways

Customers do not have to feel limited by the service options. At, we offer a full range of concrete project services including concrete driveway and garage pads. Omega 2000 improves the appearance of pads and driveways with our new concrete that is durable and stylish. 

You choose from a range of thin and thick concrete coatings that enhance the safety of your concrete floors. 

  • Good Quality Sidewalk

Omega 2000 Inc. takes the concrete job very seriously. That is why we extend our company to concrete sidewalks. Our professionals maintain their eye on the job while creating good and solid concrete sidewalk. 

For those who prioritize aesthetics, do not worry. We will maintain here the same keen sense of great style as we do with all our patio services. 

  • Several Concrete Finishes 

At Omega 2000, we go beyond simply pouring concrete. We offer the highest quality of concrete work by adding a great finish to the final construction. Whether you like Stamped Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, or Broom Finish, our collection of finishes will be more than enough.

We also offer our finishes in combination with great colors from our color palette. 

  • Versatile Designing 

Concrete’s versatile nature allows for our professional to experiment with different stamped styles, without comprising on comfort. Concrete contractors at Omega 2000 can upgrade the look of your exteriors with irreplicable designs. Your contractor will work on designing a unique space that adds some personality to your home or office space.

  • High-Grade Concrete Material 

Omega 20000 recognizes that a concrete construction will remain incomplete if the right concrete mix is not used. Whether it is for renovation or a new patio, we always make sure to go the extra mile. 

Our products usea high-strength concrete mix that will fix the issue unique to you. In colder conditions, we take further special measures to make sure the concrete remains durable. This durable concrete will prevent any kind of cracking or deterioration in the future, saving you time and money. 

  • Easy To Maintain

At Omega, we know you lead a busy life. That is why we make sure our concrete jobs cause you no maintenance trouble in the future. Our crew applies several layers of coating to cut down your maintenance work to almost zero. 

We pride ourselves on our concrete patios, concrete driveway, and garage pads that do not require staining and resealing. 

  • Budget-Friendly

Our company believes that tight budgets should not stop you from enjoying your outdoor living space. Omega 2000s comfortable concrete patios have been given the stamp of approval both in terms of quality and pricing!

  • Residential Home & Commercial Projects 

Our crew has the experience of working with a long list of diverse clients. The team at Omega 2000, are not afraid of a challenge and take on the business of all concrete projects, commercial and residential alike.

  • Get The Job Done 

We understand how much you value your Calgary property and therefore handle the same with care. Our customers can trust us, thanks to our great-detailing concrete job and dedicated workmanship. Omega 2000 only hires the best of the best to deliver on our promise of exceptional results. You can have peace of mind knowing the concrete work will achieve its mark of perfection, quickly and efficiently.

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