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Installing exposed aggregate is more than just pouring the slab; it involves some finesse to work. Not every concrete contractor does it right, Omega 2000 is here to support your investment.


Omegas Exposed Aggregate Install Process

Being a reputable concrete contractor in Calgary Ab, Omega 2000 puts professionalism and customer satisfaction as our top-most priority. 

When you contact us for the project, our professional concrete contractors will make a fully organized plan and recommend the best quality material and design for your concrete driveways.

Choosing The Right Decorative Aggregate

We know you only want the best. Therefore, our concrete contractors provide you with the finest designs to choose from for your exposed aggregate surface. 

The most popular decorative exposed aggregate in our collection is the luxuriously colored natural stone, including limestone, quartz, granite, and basalts. However, you can also use recycled color grass or other interesting objects like seashells to enhance the concrete surface.  

We will only use the design and material you choose and pay full attention to detail.

Adding The Exposed Aggregate To The Concrete Surface

Once you have chosen your preferred design, our team of experts will start working on the final installation process.

Our concrete contractors offer three different methods where we incorporate the decorative concrete into the concrete slabs. 

Seeding The Aggregate After Pouring The Concrete

Mostly, people prefer this method as it involves seeding the decorative aggregate on the concrete slab surface after we have placed the concrete. We will sprinkle the exposed aggregate with a shovel or by hand on the surface and then secure it with darby or bull float to make it uniform. 

Mixing The Aggregate With Concrete

The concrete mix usually has decorative aggregate, which eliminates seeding it on the concrete surface. Thus, it saves more time, and your work will be done in a short period. 

Placing Exposed Aggregate Into Thin Topping

If you have chosen smaller decorative aggregates, then we have the best alternative for you. That is, to place a thin topping of decorative aggregate concrete on the conventional concrete’s base slab. 

The Final Finish

Once your exposed aggregate concrete is installed correctly, our team of concrete contractors will do the final step of applying the concrete sealer. After two weeks, the high gloss concrete sealer is applied, and don’t worry; our pricing includes the sealer. 

Add Special Effects

You don’t want the natural exposed aggregate finish for your exterior? No issues, we can heighten and enhance your exterior with our creative techniques. 

Here are some techniques that we use to heighten the texture and color of decorative concrete.

  • We color the concrete integrally in different shades that complement the color palette of exposed aggregate.

  • We can combine the exposed aggregate finished and smooth areas by using the contrasting aggregates.

  • To magnify some patterns or elements in exposed aggregate, we can use chemical stains.

  • If you want a gravel pathway, we can apply aggregates in a higher concentration to design an exposed aggregate walkway. 

Once you handle the job to us, Omega 2000 will always leave you satisfied with the work. 

What Makes Our Exposed Aggregate Concrete The Best In Calgary?

Our concrete solutions for Exposed Aggregate Calgary are stylish and offer a timeless appearance to your home exterior. 

Choose Your Design From Our Design Collection  

At Omega 2000 , we offer an exceptional and first-class variety of exposed aggregate that will add shine and class to your exterior. Along with the design, we will fully customize the look that will make you the designer of your home in Calgary. 

In case you need to install a specific texture, pattern, or color that complements your home, you will most probably find it in our collection. 

Embellish Your Sidewalk And Patios

Our concrete company does not limit its services to construct exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Calgary. Because our exposed aggregate is skid resistant and most durable, we provide exposed aggregate finish to the patio, garage, sidewalk, plaza, and even pool deck. 

What? Do you want an exposed aggregate finish on concrete walls? Don’t worry; our concrete contractors provide vertical applications on sound barrier walls, architectural building facades, and decorative retaining walls.

Therefore, we take pride in reaffirming again and again that, Omega 2000 is your one-stop solution for outstanding exposed aggregate concrete in NE Calgary Ab.   

Maintenance Is Straightforward

With the ease of maintenance and exceptional durability, our exposed aggregate will last for decades. The maintenance is pretty straightforward. You can quickly sweep the surface without any issue.

Apart from that, our concrete company will visit and reseal the concrete driveway every couple of years. Moreover, after our service, the aggregate will retain its overall excellent appearance and shine. 

Most Affordable Concrete

If the budget stops you from revamping your driveways or living space, our company is here to assist you. At Omega 2000 we provide you with the budget-friendly and customized solutions for dynamic exposed aggregate concrete and stamped concrete in Calgary. 

You will find no reason to refuse our concrete services in terms of price and, of course, quality.  

Why Choose Omega?

Only trust the professionals when it comes to building your exposed aggregate concrete driveway in and around Calgary Ab. While we are saying, professional, Business Name will offer a customized experience while creating a whole new look of your home or business exterior. 

When it comes to quality service, price, and reliability, no one can beat our experienced concrete services in Calgary. To get a quote for a commercial or residential exposed aggregate concrete driveway, contact our team of concrete contractors right away!

Call us and create a beautiful and unique exposed aggregate driveway like never before.

Give Your Driveways A Decorative Concrete Look With Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Considering a decorative finish to your driveway in Calgary Ab?Why not go for exposed aggregate?

Whether it is your business place or home, an exposed aggregate concrete can add a WOW factor to any exterior. Patios, pathways, pool areas, or any driveways, for that matter, exposed aggregate concrete can make any area aesthetically pleasing.

Installing exposed aggregate is more than just pouring the slab; it involves some finesse to work. Not every concrete contractor does it right, and that’s where our company comes into the picture in Calgary.

The team at Omega 2000 consists of specialized concrete contractors who will provide high-quality concrete, exceeding your expectations.  

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