Our Story

We have Successfully completed over 1000 projects

Founded in the 1980’s with just two people. Omega quickly grew to become a leading commercial concrete contractor with a team of over 40 people. Omega 2000 prides itself on core values. We’re honest folks forming  lasting relationships. We want our working relationship to be a  positive experience in everything we do. Omega can deliver on quality work by using our innovative minds and constantly communicating internally and externally to get the job done right. We do not care how big you are or how successful you’ve been, we all know issues are likely to rear their ugly head. There is never a guarantee that anyone can turn out a high quality service every time. So, while we can not guarantee perfection, we will guarantee you that we stand behind our products, services, as well as people. We’ll have management and crews on site working with you to find out a solution, if a problem were to arise. Our goal is to give you more than what you paid for, time and time again.

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Our Process


  • Take-off and estimate
  • Pre-production planning and scheduling
  • Site preparation and materials
  • Inspection and quality report
  • Pour or placement
  • Site check and quality report
  • Punch and sign off



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Partner with us

We’ve completed over 1000+ concrete jobs around Calgary and area, we have 30+ years of extensive construction knowledge within our group. Let’s show you why we are quickly becoming the Calgary, Alberta concrete forming authority.

Core Values

Our vision is clear and we’re constantly making gains on our objectives. Staff members, supervisors, and our leaders embody our core values and it is proven by our behaviors. At Omega core values are ingrained characteristics.


We do what we say and we mean it. You are going to get more than expected on every single job.


We protect you, and our people, safety is our highest priority in everything we do. We are proud to be a COR certified company.


We believe in having customers and clients discuss their intentions, interests, and perspectives. Incredible culture and treating people right is top priority.


We love what we do and we know why we do it. Our staff members have fun daily and share the vision.


We enjoy close personal ties. It is important to have transparent relationships with our customers and vendors.