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Everyone builds their homes with the utmost care, and makes sure to use each and everything of the top quality. While houses are built to be strong enough to tackle various things, after a few years they’re likely to wear down. During this time the foundation of the property takes it all!


When you begin to notice foundation cracks or repairs, the most important thing is to deal with the issue as soon as possible. Do not forget about it or wait until the crack gets bigger and allows water to leak into your basement and flood your home. 


There can be different reasons for the foundation cracks such as natural disasters, flaws in construction, earthquakes, no renovation for a long time, and more, it’s best to get in touch with a professional and get it fixed. 


At Omega 2000 Inc., we’re committed to keeping your place protected and providing ultimate solutions and the best concrete crack injection, Calgary.

How Do We Repair Foundation Cracks?

The foundation of a home is installed in a manner that it should last for the decades to come. Nobody would like to see cracks in the foundation of basements, but they do appear. 


You won’t have to stress, when *Business Name* is there!


Depending on the severity of the condition, we follow a tailored process as per the requirements. 


#1. Detailed Analysis of the Foundation

The first and foremost step after you get in touch with us is do an analysis of the foundation and walkthrough your place. This gives us the idea to decide what would be the best solution to fix it and then discuss with you.


#2. Inform You

Once our experts have had a look at your foundation, we get your approval to move ahead. This also includes telling you about the duration, costs, etc. Plus, we believe in absolute transparency in our services and keep our clients about each and every part of the project. 


#3. Decide How to Fix It

If the repair is structural, it’s generally dealt by injections and reinforcement strapping, etc. For exterior crack repairs, excavation is required down to the footing of the foundation to know about the entire length of the crack. On the other hand, for interior crack repairs, usually polyurethane resin is injected directly into the crack. 

Why Chose Us?

Whether you’re searching for foundation repair, waterproofing services, concrete cracks basement solutions, or any other related services, the team of skilled individuals at Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc. is here to help you with it all.


Our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations in all ways possible and make sure to offer the highest quality services. We understand seeing a foundation crack can be disappointing, but we have you covered and won’t leave without seeing a smile on your face! 


Get in touch with us today and book a free evaluation. 

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