Concrete Driveways can completely change the look and feel of your home. Omega 2000 has over 30 years of experience supporting your investment in Calgary. 

Your Ultimate Choice For Concrete Driveways!

It wasn’t long ago when concrete driveways became popular over bitumen or asphalt and other paving materials. Also known as painted concrete or cement driveway, decorative concrete can enhance and beautify your home entrance like never before.

Your driveway is often overlooked but makes an integral part of the exterior of your home. With concrete driveways, you will have much-needed safety from the unpredictable weather of Calgary Ab. 

As an established concrete driveway company, Omega 2000 has specialized concrete contractors to assist you in each step. We will address all your concerns to help you make a well-informed decision.

Why Choose Us?

At Omega 2000 client satisfaction is our top-most priority, and we present Calgary concrete like no other concrete services in Calgary Ab. 

Whether it’s the concrete patio, concrete repairs, concrete sidewalk project, or concrete driveway, connect with us to get the most out of our services. Our concrete construction can ensure long-lasting reliability and enhance the visual appeal of your Calgary home.

If you further need more persuading or get a quote for residential and commercial concrete driveways, we will be pleased to address all your concerns. Connect with us and make your driveway unique and appealing right away!

Our Hassle-Free And Smooth Calgary Concrete Driveways Installation Process

There is a reason why Omega 2000 Cribbing Inc.  is known as the most recommended company for concrete driveways in Calgary Ab. When you connect with our company, you can enjoy the seamless installation process to construct your dream concrete driveway.    

Step 1: Planning

We believe in following a well-planned and thought-out structure for a concrete driveway to avoid any possibility of issues during the construction process. The first thing is to consider the driveway size. 

For a single-car concrete driveway, 8-9 feet is sufficient and 15-18 feet for a two-car concrete driveway. For thickness, a 4-inch thick non-reinforced pavement is ideal for passenger car driveways, whereas five inches thickness is suitable for heavier vehicles. 

Step 2: Construction process

While constructing a concrete driveway, the first thing is to remove any existing concrete or other paving materials. And because we are experienced concrete contractors, we have all the necessary tools and equipment required to break and remove the existing concrete. You don’t have to hire any removal or break contractor. 

To make sure that the new driveway has a suitable gravel base, we will excavate the finish grade up to ten inches.  Next, we will compact the concrete driveway and connect the rebar. Lastly, we will apply the sealer after pouring the concrete slab thickness. 

Step 3: Finishing Techniques

Once we have properly placed the concrete driveway, we will begin with our finishing operations. We will use the concrete broom for the final finish. We do not recommend a trowel finish as it leaves the surface slippery.  

Our expert Calgary concrete contractors complete the finishing process in three-steps for exceptional results. 

  • For a uniform surface, we will strike off or level the concrete driveway through a screed. 

  • To prevent bleed water accumulation, we will glide the concrete with a magnesium bullfloat or wood. 

  • Lastly, we will apply a broom finish to mend traction or apply any other decorative concrete texture as per your choice. 

Step 4: Curing

Curing is done as soon as the finishing is complete. The final and the most crucial step of the concrete installation process is mostly neglected. Failing to cure the concrete within time can reduce the strength of concrete resistance by fifty per cent. 

There are many curing methods, including continuous sprinkling, plastic covers, and application of curing compound. Once the curing is done, everyone, including pets and people, stays away from the concrete driveway for a day.

Most importantly, we recommend not to use vehicles for at least 28 days over the concrete driveway to let it perfectly set and get strengthened. 

Choose From Different Concrete Driveway Finishes To Beautify Your Home Entrance

Whether it’s about revamping the existing concrete or installing the new concrete driveways, our team of expert concrete contractors can add significant value to your home exterior. 

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete offers you the freedom to choose from various colors, styles, and patterns. Moreover, you can arrange them in a number of ways. Also, the stamped concrete is more like a decorative concrete offering stunning stone design along with long-lasting durability.

The stamped concrete style makes a great choice for walkways and back patio. Business Name can provide solutions and suggestions to design your patio, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Broom Finish Concrete

For a nice clean and finished look, broom finish concrete is most commonly done in Calgary concrete driveways. However, the effect of the broom finish is different on the different stages of the concrete installation process. 

If broom finish concrete is done early in the installation process, you can see more traction on the concrete driveway. On the other hand, if it is done later, the marks of traction are not thoroughly visible. Though it doesn’t matter when you decide on broom finish concrete, you still have the simplicity and clean look on the driveway.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

In exposed aggregate concrete, the concrete’s top layer is removed to expose the stone or gravel pattern. The texture of the pattern makes an excellent choice for driveways in Calgary Ab as it offers exceptional grip. Moreover, this type of concrete finish is skid-resistant, perfect for icy and cold climates.

Concrete Driveways With Borders

Concrete Driveways with borders is one of the most budget-friendly options you can get. The reason is that the border style for concrete driveways can be mixed and styled with our available concrete finishes. Thus, it results in the creation of a unique concrete driveway.

With years of experience, we have learned how to make a long-lasting and stable connection between concrete borders and driveways. 

In Slab Heated Driveways

In Calgary Alberta, the temperature remains below zero degrees for almost half a year. A concrete slab is an intelligent choice for concrete driveways and will last longer than expected in such places.

For more information on slab heated driveways, our concrete services are pleased to assist you anytime.

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