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Are concrete floors bad for your health?

Have you ever considered health benefits while choosing your beautiful flooring material? No, right? Most homeowners are not familiar with the surprising effects associated with concrete.

You may have analyzed the aesthetics, cost, maintenance and durability of concrete flooring before installing. However, concrete not only has an easy-to-maintain aspect but also offers a plethora of health benefits.

Concrete floors offer numerous benefits for your health and comfort. Known for their durability, they also help in maintaining better posture and reducing joint strain. This article highlights the advantages of concrete floors, from promoting better body alignment to enhancing overall well-being

Are you ready to indulge in a healthier living environment?

Sources of Indoor Pollution

Boosting your immune system is now an imperative criterion to stay healthy. So, having an idea about the sources that lead to health deterioration will help:

  • Outgassing from toxic flooring
  • Mildew
  • Carpets
  • Mould spores
  • Wood furniture containing formaldehyde
  • Dust mites

It is crucial to have concrete flooring that houses numerous positive environmental and respiratory effects. Moreover, it keeps you safe from the dangers of toxins in your room. So, keep on reading to find out what impact concrete flooring has on your indoor environment.

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Concrete Floor

The need for a pollution-free indoor atmosphere has increased over the last year due to the pandemic. Hence, homeowners are implementing the use of concrete floors.

Furthermore, commercial buildings are also using this surface to enhance their appeal and environment.

Concrete flooring does not only keep your building less prone to damage for years to come but also seal in beneficial systems.

Here are the positive effects an installed concrete floor can have in an indoor setting:

1. Enhanced Air Quality

Around 50% of headaches and illnesses last due to improper air quality. The use of organic materials installed in your house enhances the natural growth of harmful microorganisms.

When these moulds and mildews attach themselves to the flooring, you inhale them. Therefore, causing ailments in the process. Carpets and wood are huge contributors to making the air quality unsafe.

In addition, the organisms on the surfaces survive due to the moisture and humidity accumulated on them.

Concrete floors enhance the safety inside your wall due to their inability to trap these inhabitants. In turn, making the air quality proper and safer to live in.

2. Reduction in The Exposure to Chemicals

You cannot clean synthetic carpeting enough to get it free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). However, polished concrete flooring uses non-toxic manufacturing and installation services.

So, you will not have exposure to such harmful chemicals among the adhesives of the carpet. Therefore, concrete flooring offers a friendly and clean design that can reduce the chance of diseases.

Living with VOCs in your home can irritate your respiratory system. Hence, using a wall finish made from lime-cement plaster with polished concrete will reduce VOC concentration.

3. Air Will Not Have Allergens

Polished concrete is easy to clean. Therefore it does not trap any allergens like pollen or dust mites.

If your floors and walls have carpeting, then it is a haven of materials that cause sneezes. A carpet comes into contact with natural materials that cause allergies in most people and is hard to clean. However, polished concrete only requires a nice mopping to remove any dust settlement.

Replacing your carpet-laden wall with durable concrete surfaces will ensure your living area does not have any form of allergens.

So, if you have been sneezing a lot by being in a sealed room filled with carpets, then it is time for you to install polished concrete in your home.

4. Offers a Pet-Friendly Atmosphere

With a concrete floor, your pets will also have health benefits. Trotting around your house on toxic floors will mean that they would get sick quicker caused by the emitted VOCs.

Moreover, a concrete floor would also be easier for them to walk on due to its sturdiness. The fur does not get trapped in the floor, thus making it easier to clean.

Other than that, having a puppy excreting on a polished concrete floor will also make it easier to clean.

5. Comfort of Living

One of the most important aspects is concrete’s compatibility with radiant heating. The manufacturers offering concrete services can embed the coils into the floors, making it warmer during colder months.

It is a type of in-floor heating the gives you an even and constant heat supply to keep you warm. For example, it can come in handy if you have toddlers who like to play on the floor – keeping them warm and comfortable.

6. Reduction of Blown Air

With the use of in-floor heating, you will not require modern heaters. Therefore, the airflow in your house will reduce, in turn keeping the dirt from circulating throughout the house.

So, with concrete flooring, you can ensure no recirculation of dusty air that can cause allergies.

7. Cost-Effective Economical Benefits

Polished concrete floors and walls can save energy only if you implement light-coloured concrete. Yes, concrete floors can reduce your electric bills!

Stone-themed material in your concrete floors will help maintain light reflectivity. It enhances the natural light and ensures a bright supply of it throughout the day and at night. Moreover, in some cases, the concrete floors have such an impact that you will not need artificial light at night.

In addition, the use of floor heating will reduce the cost of utility bills as well.

8. Customization of Polished Concrete Floors

Not all benefits need to be physical; some are emotional as well. With polished concrete floors, you can customize and choose the type of colour, texture and design you want.

Therefore, you can personalize the material to fit your requirements. You will have a sense of control over the type of polished concrete flooring you implement in your house.

It will not only bring you joy but also offer you peace and contentment.

9. Helps Brighten The Floor to Induce a Positive Mood

As mentioned earlier, the light gets augmented due to the reflectiveness of polished concrete floors. So, the bouncing of this light ensures a supply of natural light on the floors, in turn brightening up the house to offer you a positive vibe.

The control over the designs you choose and the polished concrete floors’ bright and shiny surface ensures regulated mental health.

So, with an easy installation, polished concrete can keep you happy for years to come!

10.Ensures Your Home Does Not Have Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring can also emit toxins like VOCs. These types of flooring fall under vinyl sheet goods that have chemical treatment infused into them.

So, if you want to remove such toxins from your home and improve your immune system, you need to install polished concrete. The polishing process does not use chemicals that have traces of VOCs. Therefore, this floor is safer, and surface maintenance is easier.


Concrete flooring can be beautiful, just like it can get healthier for many. Your health will get an immunity boost with such walls or flooring.

As compared to carpeting or wooden furniture, concrete is safer and does not have toxins. It can make your home ten times safer for your kids and your pets. Furthermore, fresher air and a brighter vibe will enhance your mood and keep you happy.

So, would you like to have a modern feel to your house with good air quality? You can reach out to the Omega 2000 Cribbing site and look for contractors who can help install concrete flooring!

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