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Understanding Concrete Erosion

Key Takeaways:

Understanding Concrete ErosionCauses and effects of concrete erosion.
Fixing Erosion Under ConcreteTechniques and materials for repair.
Erosion Control MethodsOverview of erosion control strategies.
Concrete Matting for Erosion ControlBenefits and installation of concrete matting.
Preventing Erosion in Concrete StructuresLong-term strategies for erosion prevention.
Cost and Availability of SolutionsInformation on Flexamat and other erosion solutions.

Concrete erosion, a prevalent issue in construction and structural maintenance, refers to the gradual degradation of concrete surfaces due to environmental and mechanical factors. Erosion of concrete can significantly undermine the integrity and longevity of structures. This degradation often results from exposure to water, chemicals, and physical abrasion, leading to the need for hydraulic erosion protection and erosion control.

Causes of Concrete Erosion

Several factors contribute to concrete erosion. Hydraulic erosion protection needs arise primarily due to water flow, especially in areas with high precipitation or water runoff. This can lead to the erosion of concrete structures like culverts, channel side slopes, and retaining walls. The erosive forces of water, compounded by chemical reactions and physical wear, accelerate this process.

Addressing Erosion Issues

To fix erosion under concrete, especially under concrete driveways or in structures like culvert inlets, various methods can be employed. These include the use of erosion control blankets, concrete matting erosion control, and smaller, lightweight equipment for precise repair work. Permanent erosion prevention systems, such as permanently anchored high-strength geogrid encapsulated solutions, offer long-term durability.

Concrete Matting: A Viable Solution

Concrete mats for erosion control, a key component in this battle against erosion, provide a robust yet flexible protective layer. These mats, available in custom sizes and standard mat sizes, are designed for easy maintenance and can be installed in most any place. Despite their high strength, they accommodate natural elements like vegetation, enhancing the ecological balance while offering protection.

Long-Term Protection Strategies

For comprehensive and sustainable erosion control, it’s crucial to consider long-term solutions. This includes selecting materials and designs that can withstand erosive forces over extended periods. High-strength concrete blocks, innovative concrete matting solutions, and strategic installation methods all contribute to this goal.

Common Questions and Concerns

Several common questions arise regarding concrete erosion. These include the causes of erosion, how to repair erosion under concrete structures, the lifespan of concrete under erosive conditions, and the best practices for preventing erosion. Addressing these concerns is essential for effective and sustainable construction and maintenance.

Cost and Implementation

When considering erosion control solutions like Flexamat, cost and implementation are key factors. Flexamat offers an effective solution for erosion control but requires careful consideration regarding installation and overall project budget.


Concrete erosion is a significant challenge in the construction and maintenance of structures. Understanding the causes, implementing effective solutions, and planning for long-term sustainability are essential steps in managing this issue. With the right strategies and materials, such as concrete matting and high-strength geogrid solutions, it’s possible to protect structures effectively against erosion.

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